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About the Rhode Island Army National Guard

The Rhode Island Army National Guard consists of more than 2,200 members and is governed through the Rhode Island Department of Military and Veteran’s Affairs, most of our members are residents and neighbors of Rhode Island. The Army Guard has served and remains engaged in the Global War on Terrorism, with units that have deployed worldwide in direct support of national security objectives. Within the State of Rhode Island, under the Governor’s control, the Guard is routinely called upon to provide military support to civil authorities during local emergencies, natural disasters and significant severe weather events. Recently, the Rhode Island Army National Guard has been called upon for assistance during Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy, the 2010 floods, and ‘Nemo’, the blizzard of 2013. The Rhode Island National Guard is the only branch of military that has this distinct local response mission!

Despite being the smallest state, Rhode Island is the only National Guard with a Special Forces unit, a Special Operations Detachment unit, and an Airborne Infantry unit in one state!

Rhode Island Army National Guard Missions

The Mission of the Army National Guard soldier is to respond!

  • Domestic Emergencies
  • Combat Missions
  • Counter-Drug Efforts
  • Reconstruction Missions
  • And Much, Much More!

Nearly everyone in Rhode Island is familiar with the Floods of 2010, Hurricane Sandy and the Blizzard of 2013. Many families were affected by these events. In our time of need, the National Guard was there to serve the state and our communities; with speed, strength and efficiency – being a tremendous response force for our citizens. 

The National Guard is an active participant in local community organizations that assist neighborhoods in improving the quality of life, supporting local initiatives, youth programs, health care services, and environmental efforts. 

We are Citizen-Soldiers who remain on the front line, both abroad and here at home, to defend state and keep our families, friends and neighbors safe.

Are you interested in hosting a Rhode Island Army National Guard Event?

Rock Wall, Fitness Trailer, Drunk Karts, and High School / Team Events utilizing our Confidence Course and FATS Trainer!

*Parental Consent necessary for those under 18 – 30 day minimum notice required!

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212 Weybossett Street
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